How to Crochet a Dragon

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget < £10
Time 1+ Days

Some dragons are fierce and ferocious, others protect their hoards of gold deep underground. But Dempsey the Dragon just loves to share! He’s the friendliest fellow you have ever met. Now don’t get him wrong; he has piles of treasure laying about but if you ask him nicely he loves to share! Learn to crochet your very own Dempsey the Dragon amigurumi! 

Mark St George’s Day with a patriotic project that’s sure to add a little fire to your crochet collection. This amigurumi dragon is the perfect reminder of the legend of St George and it’s sure to be loved by adults and kids alike, with charming detail and a cosy feel.

The crochet dragon pattern is ideal for an intermediate skill level, so why not make this your next project!

Tutorial by @beardieandblondiecrafts